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We are on a mission to change the face of fundraising for Australian children, one cent at a time.

Australian families, parents and school supporters can now effortlessly contribute to school projects through small and consistent donations without financial stress, guilt or overcommitment.

Imagine downloading an app that ‘rounds up’ the extra few cents from your daily transactions and sends them straight to your child’s school each week to support school-based initiatives.

Well, now you can.

My School Change is opening the door to opportunity for children all around Australia.

Ensure there are no barriers for parents to support their children at school. Most fundraising initiatives request donations of $20, $50 and $100, which many cannot afford.

The My School Change app is completely free and only uses the extra few cents from transactions for donation. Best of all 100% of those donations make it to the selected school(s).

To change the face of fundraising in the Australian schools’ sector. Let’s remove the constant ‘hassling’ of parents and supporters.

Keep all financial support transparent between parents/supporters and their school. With the My School Change app, users can see exactly where their donations go and most importantly, the impact they are making in the lives of their children.

We are on a mission to help each and every school across Australia increase fundraising and increase opportunity for their students.

We understand it’s tough to put together marketing, administration, manage campaigns and accounting. This whole operation takes critical staff away from their primary role(s) and let’s be honest, it’s not best use of their time.

Why not join us on our mission and support your school, it’s easy.

Partnering with My School Change does not cost a thing, it’s completely free.

That’s right 100% free.

We have designed the app to ensure every school can partner and increase their fundraising capabilities. There are no catches, it’s simple to sign up and we have already created all your content, key messaging, email scripting and imagery to send out to parents and supporters.

If you would like to know more, click here or shoot us a email.

We are my school change
The team.

We are a small Melbourne based team that wants to ensure every child across Australia is given as much opportunity as possible. If the use of the My School Change app can help to build a music hall, basketball courts, fund a school sports trip or help a student in need, that’s everything to us.

The team developed a similar app for charitable organisations, assisting Australia’s most reputable and trustworthy charities. The first-to-market technology was a hit with charitable organisations and assured their time and energy could be spent on continued charitable work. We made it easy to support charities, ensuring 100% of all donations make it to where it’s most needed.

For us, it’s not just about donating, it’s about making a positive impact.

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